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Xin Lu

Student Researcher @ ANU

I am doing a Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honors) (Research & Development) at the

Australian National University, Canberra, in the School of Computing. My research interests

are high-performance computing, program verification, and general theoretical computer



Enriching the Kalas Programming Language. Supervised by Dr. Michael Norrish. Ongoing.

A CUBLAS‐CUDA Based Implementation of Multi-GPU Large Matrix Multiplication. Supervised by Dr. Giuseppe Barca. [Talk at Supercomputing Asia 2024]

Optimising Searches for Fast Radio Bursts for Setonix GPUs. Supervised by Dr. Marcin Sokolowski. [Talk at ICRAR] [Poster]

Live with Max MSP and Ableton - A Way to the Dungeon. Supervised by Dr. Charles Martin. [ACMC23 video

Contacts [LinkedIn] [Github]

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